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We are a Family Owned and Family Operated

Publishing Company.

 Back in 1988, Kathy Bleichrodt was inspired to write and illustrate The Parable of Willy Wheat which would, eventually, become the foundation of The Mother Mary Series. Husband, Dave, patiently waited each year that Kathy promised, "This will be the year the books are published." But, with each new year, Kathy felt God calling her to add to the books, change them, lay them aside for a time, and even to start all over.

 Their four children, Luke (8 years), Angela (6 years), Joseph (3 years) and Andrew (2 years), grew up with the creation of Willy Wheat and the Mother Mary books over the next 15 years and gave their advice on what they liked or didn't like about colors, pictures, book size—you name it! These years were filled with many miracles and many trials concerning the books... both evidence of God's hand.

 In 2003, the Year of the Rosary, Bishop Roman Danylak, after thoroughly studying each word and illustration in the books, granted the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur to the entire series. This was granted in Rome, Italy on March 25, the Feast day of the Annunciation.

 Exactly one year later, on March 25, 2004 , the first shipment of books arrived from the printers (long overdue) — once again on the feast of The Annunciation. Why is this so significant?  The feast of the Annunciation is the very day Saint Louis De Montfort calls us to make our Total Consecration to the Blessed Mother — which is the main theme and teaching in the Mother Mary books!  These books truly are Our Blessed Mother's!



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